Dear Bel Aire Heights resident,

My name is Chase Aunins and I am a Boyscout with troop 585. I am working on my final project towards becoming an Eagle scout. My project is a nature walk at Duck Haven pond. As part of the project I need volunteers who are willing to gather information on different topics. This will include information about some of the plant and animal species that surround the pond, as well as stories behind the more known features. The information will be placed on the HOA website and will correspond with markers that will be placed around the pond. Below is a detailed list of the topics that are available for research. I would like to have the information by August 19th.

Peach leaved Willow
Tree of heaven
Elm tree
Post oak
Shummard's Oak
Cat tails 

Mallard Duck

Overflow drain
Bird houses

Please let me know if you are willing to help gather information on any of these topics. You may contact me at or text (316)-882-9344.

Thank you, Chase Aunins